Keylink Microwave

KeyLink Microwave has been devoted to manufacturing RF and microwave power amplifiers modules & subsystems and other RF components, provides the most stable ready-to-ship COT's RF amplifiers and the most technologically advanced OEM solutions for radar, jamming, communication system, test and measurement, been the preferred supplier in the worldwide RF power amplifier industry.

KeyLink Microwave provide broadband solid state power amplifier (SSPA), narrowband microwave amplifiers, high power pulsed amplifiers, and RF power amplifier systems etc, products cover frequencies from 1MHz to 18GHz with a variety of power ratings from several watts to kilo-watts. High power radio frequency amplifiers and systems are engineered and produced to meet the most challenging performance requirements.

Keylink Microwave RF Amplifier

Keylink Microwave RF amplifiers modules include: broadband solid state RF power amplifiers with frequencies from 1MHz to 18GHz and output power ranges from 5W to 1000W, narrowband radio frequency power amplifiers with frequencies from 100MHz to 14GHz offering a wide dynamic range up to 200W typical saturated power, pulsed microwave amplifiers with frequency from 1MHz to 18GHz, the maximum output power can reach 2000W. In addition, CW RF systems can achieve up to 500W of output power in the frequency range of 1MHz to 18GHz. All KeyLink solid state power amplifiers are CE, ISO9001, RoHS and REACH compliant to ensure product quality and stability.

Keylink Microwave High Power Amplifier

KeyLink Microwave rf high frequency power amplifiers are high gain, high power rf amplifiers capable of delivering high CW power over a bandwidth range. Our rf power amplifier modules and systems are designed with compact and small modules, and adopt an all-solid-state design scheme. KeyLink high power rf amplifiers are used to convert low power rf signals to higher power signals. High frequency rf amplifiers are often used in applications for driving the transmission power of an antenna. KeyLink rf pa modules and systems are used in a wide range of applications operating between 6 GHz and 18 GHz with output power ranging from 5W to 1000W, depending on product type and model. The high power microwave amplifier is rated to operate between 24 and 28 volts and has a maximum noise of 10dB. KeyLink RF amplifiers are RoHS and REACH compliant.

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